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Dabbers & Blowers: A History of the Handkerchief is a perfect introduction and the most popular of my presentations.
In Pursuit of Hankies: Identifying Handkerchiefs of Value educates and entices serious collectors.
Hanky Doodle Dandy: Handkerchiefs of Our Childhood is fun for audiences of mixed genders and varied ages.
Bloomin’ Hankies: Floral Handkerchiefs of the 1940s is visually appealing and explains the vintage hankies most available to the casual enthusiast.
The Heyday of Hankies: Handkerchiefs of the 1950s takes the stories of vintage hankies to a sophisticated level of fashion and art.
A Magic Hanky Ride: Souvenir Handkerchiefs from Around the World appeals to international travelers and guests from all corners of the globe.

Tailor a presentation in time and content to appeal to the interest of your group. Choose an entertaining activity such as playing a flower identification game; critiquing designs and fancywork; folding a handkechief for a man’s suit pocket or practicing the Batman Fold for seven clean blows. Use vintage hankies to make beautiful gifts and mementos. Invite your guests to share their keepsake handkerchiefs with the group.