I began my journey to becoming a Vintage Hanky Raconteur when I learned to carry a fresh handkerchief with my white gloves while shopping in Nashville in the 1960s. The lovely dahlia handkerchief I am wearing was one of my Mama's favorites. Finishing school in Atlanta impressed upon me that a pretty hanky was a fashion essential. While raising my children in the North of England, I valued a pocket full of soft hankies for drippy little noses. My hanky drawer had two distinct stacks--workaday hankies in front and stashed in back, keepsakes from the women in my family, dear friends, and foreign adventures. My interest in the story of vintage handkerchiefs has grown along with my collection. As a member of the Colorado Historical Society and having studied many tomes on the subject, I enjoy sharing the history of the handkerchief with others of similar sensibilities.

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